Another day, another attempt at blogging


Hi. In case you’re wondering, WordPress is definitely part of a massive technical conspiracy to stop me blogging. Probably not a bad thing – after all, the world really doesn’t need another blog, but am a) stupidly optimistic I can do it and b) determined to outwit WordPress.

So here we go –  attempt no. 6

WordPress sabotaged last night’s attempt by posting my book cover on twitter without telling me – and I wasn’t supposed to show anyone yet. Hastily deleted. Still, not quite as bad as the time before when WordPress convinced me to post on someone else’s blog by mistake and I couldn’t delete it (if that was you, er, really sorry about that..) The first four attempts were sabotaged by WordPress’s dislike of my email address (so I set up another one), telling me the blog title was already taken (by me, but it wasn’t having any of it) and a bit of a problem with passwords.

In the end, it’s been the help of fellow writers that’s got me here (assuming you’re reading this on my blog and not someone else’s). Particularly patient were Amy Wilson (@AJ_Wils) who spent an entire evening helping me with only a bag of popcorn and a few bourbons to help her through the ordeal, SF Said (@whatSFSaid) who generously shared his experience and knowledge because he’s kind, and Russell Sanderson (@Sheddenizen) who keeps assuring me I can do things when I’m about to throw in the towel. Oh, and loads of other supportive twitter friends like Sarah Benwell (@SWritesBooks) and….hell, this is beginning to sound like the Oscars. Maybe should thank my agent and my family too? Nah, they were no help at all 🙂

‘Til next time. Thanks for listening.



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