Questions from an idiot blogger

Morning listeners! (Before we start, yes I am fully aware it’s an empty room…)

Anyway, have been reading some great blogs by other bloggers and realise there are still massive gaps in my blogging ability. The gaps are like dark matter in the cosmos – there’s an awful lot of it. In fact it takes up infinitely more space than the stars…

So today am hoping to find a few stars who can help fill the following knowledge gaps:

1. How do you create links? Do I have to read a whole Dummies Guide to coping with this stuff to find out, or is it quite simple?

2. What about following other bloggers – can I follow bloggers I actually like or only the ones who are WordPress bloggers?

3. Why does WordPress publish a post when I’m not expecting it to, and gets difficult when I’m actually trying to post something?

4. Should I defect to Blogger?

Am still convinced the whole of this blogging thing a conspiracy to confuse a simple writer, especially when simple writer is aware no one is going to read the damn blog anyway.

If you got as far as this – thanks. You are a star in the firmament.


3 thoughts on “Questions from an idiot blogger

  1. Hi Lu
    This is what I do in my WordPress blog to put links to another site. Highlight the words in your blog, e.g the www name or a person’s name. At the top ofthe box you are writing your post in there is a tool bar with font size, italics etc and there is a picture of a link from a chain. If you click on this it will pull up another box where you can type in the www address you want to link to. I usually copy and paste it from the other site. I hope this helps.


    • Thank you so much greatprocrastinator – you are automatically promoted to bright star in firmament status! Will give it a go on next blog post…in fact might even backdate and splot random links all over the place just to prove I can. 🙂


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